Entertainment Places Close to Toscana Inn hotel, in the Very Heart of Panama City, Panama

Entertainment places close to Toscana Inn hotel, in the very heart of Panama CitThe very heart of a dynamic, emerging Latin America city is the place to be for business, leisure or relaxation. Toscana Inn puts you right at the pulse of nightlife and events in PTY, with casinos, clubs, theaters, and cinemas nearby. Our staff is always on hand to make a recommendation or help out with your transport to an attraction a little further away.

The following are comments from some of our guests, who have left our hotel totally satisfied both with our services and the location of our hotel in panama city, surrounded by a cool environment consisting of business, social life and entertainment everywhere. We hereby invite you to meet different sites of amusement very close to hotel Toscana Inn.

“There is a ton of stuff to do around the hotel. There are restaurants, shops, a casino, and all within easy walking distance.” – Gmunozy2k, Texas. June 21, 2013.

“Excellent location near shops and restaurants in the middle of Panama City.” Merelinelars, Netherlands. July 23, 2013


Veneto Casino

The nearby Veneto Casino is just 2 minutes away by foot. The casino has a variety of games and activities for those who wish to play, while a restaurant and well-stocked bar cater to those travelling at a more leisurely pace. In the vicinity of Via España there are a few smaller establishments, while just a 5 minute walk away is the Bingo 90 Casino. Offering similar delights to the Veneto, it is one of the country’s most famous gambling establishments.


El Cangrejo

El Cangrejo is famous for its concentration of bars and late night hang outs, with the streets of Via Argentina and Via Veneto hosting the majority of the fun. With most bars just a 5 minute walk from each other, it is very easy to have a varied night here.

“Nice hotel at great location.” – merelinelars, Netherlands. July 23, 2013.

La Rana Dorada

La Rana Dorada is a micro brewery in a unique hillside location where a lot of young locals and travellers gather at.

Istmo Brew Pub

Istmo Brew Pub also serves similar delights, with a selection of freshly brewed beverages on tap.

Bros and Beers

Bros and Beers is a fun sports bar, catering to fans of teams in the NFL, soccer leagues, NHL, and much more. Watching the Panamanian soccer play on the screens here is a real pleasure, as the crowd really does go wild for La Marea Roja.

El Pavo Real

El Pavo Real has history as one of Panama’s coolest hangout spots, with a small but atmospheric terrace facing Via Argentina.

Grill and Co

Grill and Co, one of the prime spots for a verdant view of Parque Andres Bello, have a wide canopied balcony worthy of a relaxed early evening. Their food is both affordable and perfectly cooked. For a particularly cool and Cuban experience, try Rincon Habanero. This little bar offers Cuban beverages of every stripe as well as freshly rolled cigars – perfect for a more sophisticated and slow paced evening. They are famed locally for their karaoke on Tuesdays.


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