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5 Ways to Pamper Yourself in Panama City


Touring a new country can be fun and exciting. In Panama City there’s so much to see—from the impressive Panama Canal and the romantic colonial quarter to the historic Panama La Vieja ruins. No doubt, you’ll want to see all the sights. But it’s always a good idea to budget...

Health Care in Panama - What you Need to Know and What to Do in Case of an Emergency


In Panama travelers do not need to be concerned about staying healthy. This is proven by the fact that Panama is a favored location for international Medical and Wellness Tourism. Patients seeking care come from around the world to be treated for common diseases, cancer, to have dental work or...

Dengue in Panama - There is no Reason to Panic!

dengue in panama there is no reason to panic

The issue of Dengue infection in Panama has been making the news in the past few years. The local press calls it an epidemic (but they love to overuse the word). Potential visitors to Panama are rightfully asking questions about health risks. Here are some insights about the situation to...