10 Great Restaurants 5 Minutes from Toscana Inn Hotel in Panama City Panama

Great Restaurants 5 minutes from Toscana Inn Hotel in Panama City PanamaWhen we travel to a new destination, we usually search for historic sites and entertainment places offered therein. But after a long day full of guided tours, we are willing to be delighted with traditional local dishes or just some international cook. This is why Hotel Toscana Inn is strategically located in the heart of the capital city, so its guests would have the opportunity to taste varied dishes offered in different restaurants within the Panamanian capital city. Therefore, we are now able to present the following 10 restaurants just 5 minutes far from our hotel in panama city.

El Caribe

El Caribe – Homemade Caribbean food pan-cooked to perfection. Local recipes given a distinctly Caribbean twist help to make this humble-looking restaurant stand out.

Machu Picchu

Restaurante Machu Picchu – High end Peruvian cuisine served as fresh as it is possible to get. Located just a few meters from our door, we highly recommend the zesty, refreshing ceviche platters!

Siete Mares

Siete Mares – A Panamanian tradition in itself, this restaurant hosts the finest diners in Panama City. Perfect presentation and slick service combine to create an atmospheric evening, with steaks and seafood particularly outstanding.

Ginza Teppanyaki

Ginza Teppanyaik – Outstanding Japanese dishes which touch on more than just sushi, this corner restaurant shows off its process as well as its final product. You eat in front of the talented chefs, preparing omelettes, steaks, and noodles in a dynamic culinary show.

La Rana Dorada

La Rana Dorada – Home made beer and the best burger & fries in Panama, this distinctly classy joint has an excellent outside seating area. Our recommendation for drinks and a snack at sunset, overlooking the local landmark Cabeza de Einstein.

New York Bagel Café

New York Bagel Cafe – Open early, open late. If there’s one place that defines the café culture of El Cangrejo, this is it. Large portions, non-stop freshly brewed coffee, fresh bagels and cream cheese, and a great value lunch special make this a perfect hangout or informal meeting spot for businessmen.

Caffe Pomodoro

Caffe Pomodoro – Hearty and affordable Italian food served in an eccentric and unique setting, this restaurant is a landmark to locals. The dishes of the day are solid choices for those on a budget, with fresh pasta made daily.

Jola’s Hause

Jola’s Hause – Wide open setting with elegant tent-style seating areas, this is the perfect place to toast the end of another great day in Panama. Food cooked exactly how you like it and a warm atmosphere have helped make this the hangout spot for discerning visitors and Panamanians alike.

Chalet Suizo

Chalet Suizo – With hundreds of years of Continental European tradition behind it, this French-Swiss restaurant balances a rich selections of delicacies with the perfect wine. A traditional layout disguises the very contemporary attitude towards excellence.

La Tasca de Durán

La Tasca de Durán – Owned by the celebrated Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán, this small restaurant has some of the best atmosphere in the city. Boisterous, fun, and convivial, you’ll be making new friends in no time. All of this combined with ice cold sangria and fresh paella makes for a wonderful night – you may even get to shake the hand of the great man himself!


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