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Nine Panama Travel Tips To Save You Time And Money

Oct 30, 2014

One of Central America’s lesser known destinations, Panama is a great place to both take the path less traveled and save on your vacation. There are some major pros to vacationing in Panama, too. The country’s small size means distances are easily covered. In a matter of days you can...

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Panama: Ten Reasons the Rainy Season Rocks

Sep 18, 2014

Almanacs will tell you that Panama’s rainy season is about seven months long, from May through November. They’re not wrong, but the stats can be misleading. Fact is, you need more than a string of data to understand Panama’s climate. Spend a little time here or compare Panama to other...

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Ten Popular Panamanian Treats (and Where to Find Them!)

Aug 12, 2014
Foods in Panama empanadas

Panama is arguably Latin America’s most international destination. Thanks in large part to the Panama Canal, this tiny isthmus is home to populations from all over the world: Israel, India, Lebanon, China, France, Brazil, and Argentina…to name just a few. So what is true Panamanian cuisine? The spicy, fiery flavors of...

Entertainment places close to Toscana Inn hotel, in the very heart of Panama City, Panama

Jan 31, 2014
hotel en panama2

The very heart of a dynamic, emerging Latin America city is the place to be for business, leisure or relaxation. Toscana Inn puts you right at the pulse of nightlife and events in PTY, with casinos, clubs, theaters, and cinemas nearby. Our staff is always on hand to make a...

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