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Six Tips for Fab Photographs in Panama City

Jul 28, 2015
tourism in Panama

With a vibrant art and architecture scene—not to mention fantastic dining options—Panama City is a world capital well worth exploring. In this age of digital photography and increasingly artistic selfies, it’s increasingly important to come away with inspiring vacation shots. Thankfully, bright colors and sunny days make for a vivid palette...

Everything You Need to Know About Taxis in Panama City

Jun 5, 2015
Taxis in Panama City

As in many countries, you’ll find taxi drivers in Panama are generally friendly and like to chat with passengers. If you’re looking forward to practicing your Spanish, you’ll find cabbies happy to discuss politics, the economy, music, food, and more.  You’ll see Panamanians from all walks of life taking taxis at...

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10 Best Things to Do in Panama

Dec 15, 2014

Searching for things to do in the Republic of Panama? View our Infographic and discover the must see activities during your stay.   ...

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Panama: Five Casinos for a Gamers Night on the Town

Nov 26, 2014

Central America’s cultural capital, Panama City has the best nightlife in the region. From top tier restaurants to shows of every kind, Panama’s capital is a smorgasbord of entertainment. Venues like the National Theater and Atlapa Convention Center offer highbrow options galore. However, Panama City’s downtown area offers fun and...

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The Top 10 Things To Do In Casco Viejo

Jul 29, 2014
top 10 things to do in casco viejo

Casco Viejo is famous in Panama City for its rustic beauty and unique charm. Swaddled amongst the old Spanish colonial buildings and magnificent, if occasionally somewhat charmingly dilapidated, architecture are many amazing sights, sounds, and people. If you are looking to see what makes Panama such a mixing pot of...

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Entertainment Places Close to Toscana Inn hotel, in the Very Heart of Panama City, Panama

Jan 31, 2014
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The very heart of a dynamic, emerging Latin America city is the place to be for business, leisure or relaxation. Toscana Inn puts you right at the pulse of nightlife and events in PTY, with casinos, clubs, theaters, and cinemas nearby. Our staff is always on hand to make a...

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