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Top 10 New Restaurants in Panama City (Panama)

Panama City Top Ten New Restaurants

Panama City has long been recognized as a cosmopolitan culinary capital…the kind of place where new restaurants pop up almost every day. The food landscape is exciting, with fusion, ethnic, gourmet, and casual eateries all making their way into the mix. Whether you’re in the mood for Indian, Argentinean, Korean,...

Ten Popular Panamanian Treats (and Where to Find Them!)

Foods in Panama empanadas

Panama is arguably Latin America’s most international destination. Thanks in large part to the Panama Canal, this tiny isthmus is home to populations from all over the world: Israel, India, Lebanon, China, France, Brazil, and Argentina…to name just a few. So what is true Panamanian cuisine? The spicy, fiery flavors of...

10 Great Restaurants 5 Minutes from Toscana Inn Hotel in Panama City Panama

hotel in panama city

When we travel to a new destination, we usually search for historic sites and entertainment places offered therein. But after a long day full of guided tours, we are willing to be delighted with traditional local dishes or just some international cook. This is why Hotel Toscana Inn is strategically...