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Six Tips for Fab Photographs in Panama City

Jul 28, 2015
tourism in Panama

With a vibrant art and architecture scene—not to mention fantastic dining options—Panama City is a world capital well worth exploring. In this age of digital photography and increasingly artistic selfies, it’s increasingly important to come away with inspiring vacation shots. Thankfully, bright colors and sunny days make for a vivid palette...

Everything You Need to Know About Taxis in Panama City

Jun 5, 2015
Taxis in Panama City

As in many countries, you’ll find taxi drivers in Panama are generally friendly and like to chat with passengers. If you’re looking forward to practicing your Spanish, you’ll find cabbies happy to discuss politics, the economy, music, food, and more.  You’ll see Panamanians from all walks of life taking taxis at...

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Six Things to Know Before You Drive in Panama

May 4, 2015
drive in panama

Though the capital’s prodigious traffic can look daunting at first glance, there’s no need to be afraid to drive in Panama. Sure, while learning your way around, you may want to avoid driving at night or on particularly rainy days—that’s good advice in any country. And in Panama, it’s essential...

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5 Reasons Panama is a Shopper's Paradise

Mar 31, 2015
panama is a shoppers paradise

Whether you're an avid bargain-hunter or just in the market for specific items or gifts, Panama is one shopper’s paradise that’s hard to beat. This tiny country is a shopping Mecca for visitors from throughout the Americas and Caribbean. And for the more adventurous at heart, Panama’s smaller stores and...

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Seven Tips to Help you Stay Safe & Enjoy Panama

Feb 24, 2015
safe enjoy panama

The best vacations are the ones that go smoothly. Good planning can help…but smart travelers do more than make timely reservations or check weather patterns before packing. They also take health and safety into consideration…no matter where they’re headed. With a bit of helpful information, you can stay safe, relax, and...

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9 Facts About the Frank Gehry Biodiversity Museum

Feb 6, 2015
Frank Gehry Biodiversity Museum

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, BioMuseo is the first exhibition center worldwide that tells the story of the planet biodiversity, and has been intended to enhance Panama´s natural wonders. Want to know more about Gehry´s first building in Latin America? Find out interesting facts about the museum in this infographic. ...

How to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in Panama City

Jan 23, 2015
reduce reuse and recycle panama city

Not long ago, recycling bins and terms like “fair trade” were virtually unheard of in Panama. In much of Latin America, focus is on emerging from the developing into the developed world, and not on reducing one’s so-called footprint. However, Panama—being more modern and developed than many of its neighbors—has...

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10 Best Things to Do in Panama

Dec 15, 2014

Searching for things to do in the Republic of Panama? View our Infographic and discover the must see activities during your stay.   ...

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Panama: Five Casinos for a Gamers Night on the Town

Nov 26, 2014

Central America’s cultural capital, Panama City has the best nightlife in the region. From top tier restaurants to shows of every kind, Panama’s capital is a smorgasbord of entertainment. Venues like the National Theater and Atlapa Convention Center offer highbrow options galore. However, Panama City’s downtown area offers fun and...

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Nine Panama Travel Tips to Save you Time and Money

Oct 30, 2014

One of Central America’s lesser known destinations, Panama is a great place to both take the path less traveled and save on your vacation. There are some major pros to vacationing in Panama, too. The country’s small size means distances are easily covered. In a matter of days you can...

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